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IBC Telescopic Runners are high-quality, precise and very compact telescopic linear motion bearings that are available as partial and full runners. Cage-guided and roller-guided versions are available. The guides consist of an outer profile rail in which a ball bearing-guided inner profile rail runs. The balls that run in the grooves permit the movement of the inner profile in the outer profile and hence the extension. Both the inner profile and the outer profile have grooves. The rolling bearings allow an even, low-friction transfer of force with a high degree of stiffness. The profiles can be set with or without clearance, or they can be preloaded. 

Since the raceway is inside the profile rail, it is protected against contamination and also against vibration, so that it preserves its free-running qualities. The compact construction of the IBC telescopic linear motion bearings is ideal for applications where space is restricted. The induction hardening of the running surfaces allows high loadings without reducing the service life, but still retains the toughness of the core material

A further advantage is quiet running even under heavy loads and at high working speeds. As a result, this reduces the amount of noise produced at the workplace.

In addition, the installation-friendly construction of the IBC telescopic linear motion bearings significantly reduces maintenance and downtime, therefore reducing costs. In addition to use in the machine tool sector, typical application areas are in machine and apparatus construction, in metalworking, transport and logistics, and in control cabinets and handling systems.

IBC telescopic linear motion bearings are available in various guidance lengths from 130 mm to 1970 mm, both as partial or full extension, for individual requirements. Due to the large amount of standardisation, these telescopic linear motion bearings can be supplied from stock or within a short time. An ATCoat coating can be recommended, depending on the type of application.

Technical information/ STP drawings


LCE 28H | LCE 35 | LCE 43


The movement of the runner is within the guideway. The runner is shorter than the guiding rail and cannot be extended. More than 100 possible combinations and solutions can be achieved through many different standard lengths of guideway.









LCAE 28H | LCAE 35 | LCAE 43


In this type the runner is identical in length to the guiding rail. The motion of the runner produces a stroke that is greater than half the installation length of the rail. Removing the locking screw allows extension on both sides.






LCAD 28H | LCAD 35 | LCAD 43


This type consists of two rails of the LCAE series, where the stroke is slightly greater than the actual installation length.  







LCAH 28H | LCAH 35 | LCAH 43


Putting together the basic profiles produces this type in the form of a double-T profile. This series is characterised by a high degree of stiffness and excellent radial loading ratings. The possible stroke of the movable runner is greater than the closed length of the telescope. The runners can be fastened with threaded holes or countersunk holes, or a combination of the two.







LCAZ 28H.E | LCAZ 35.E | LCAZ 43.E
LCAZ 28H.D | LCAZ 35.D | LCAZ 43.D


The intermediate profile of this series is formed by a Z-profile. With this design it is possible to choose between a single- sided stroke (E) or a double-sided stroke (D) version. This series is characterised by small installation dimensions with high load ratings.









By improving the intermediate profile in the form of an S-profile, an increase in  load ratings and stiffness compared to the Z-profile are achieved. There are also versions with single-sided or double-sided stroke.




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