IBC cylindrical roller bearings


The12_EXAD-frei.png-cylindrical roller bearings series is exceptional due to its Extended Capacity and Advanced Application features. Optimization of the design, materials and production processes has resulted in a significant improvement in the lifetime and working life, functional safety, durability and running properties while at the same time reducing friction and heat generation. Furthermore, the products are characterised by higher dynamic load ratings.

Single-row cylindrical roller bearings with cage consist of a solid outer and inner ring and crowned cylindrical rollers. The cage prevents contact of the cylindrical rollers during rotation. Cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for accepting very heavy loads in the radial direction. In addition, they have a high level of stiffness due to the line contact between the rollers and raceway. Single-row cylindrical roller bearings can be dismantled, which makes installation and removal easier. Cylindrical roller bearings are manufactured in various types, which are used in ways that depend on the requirements for the rolling bearings. A distinction is made between the following basic types according to the arrangement of the bearing flanges.

Cylindrical roller bearings of series NU have two fixed flanges on the outer ring, with no flange on the inner ring. Bearings of series N have two fixed flanges on the inner ring and a plain outer ring. They permit unconstrained axial displacement between the shaft and housing in both directions and are therefore only used as floating bearings. Equipped with various inner and outer rings, these then produce the versions NJ, NUP, and NF, NP in the series 10.. , 2.. , 3.. , 22.. , 23.. .

Series NJ is characterised by 2 fixed flanges on the outer ring and a fixed flange shoulder on the inner ring that can guide the shaft in an axial direction.

Cylindrical roller bearings series NUP have two fixed flanges on the outer ring, a fixed flange on the inner ring, and a floating flange disk. They are used as locating bearings, since they are in a position to accommodate take up the axial displacement of the shaft in both directions. Cylindrical roller bearings of configuration E are manufactured as standard with a glass fibre reinforced polyamide 6.6 cage. Solid brass cages with shoulder or rolling element guidance are standard configurations. Many sizes can also be supplied with a steel cage. In addition, ATCoat-coated rolling bearing rings prevent fretting corrosion and ensure a sliding fit are an alternative. In addition to these standard cylindrical roller bearings IBC manufactures further high-precision cylindrical roller bearings. You can find more detailed information in the section, Precision cylindrical roller bearings.







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