IBC special bearings

Depending on the application, different bearing designs can be selected. Thus it is always necessary to take into consideration a number of different influencing factors such as the temperature, lubrication, speed, load-bearing capacity, moisture, vibration, installation geometry, maintenance, etc. Special bearings are used to meet exceptional requirements, making them especially suitable for certain bearing applications. Only high-performance and reliable rolling bearings with a long service life are able to ensure the functionality and operating reliability of these machines, systems and units, guaranteeing that they can operate trouble-free over long periods.

IBC produces bearings for special applications in special designs in addition to all the previously mentioned designs such as angular contact ball bearings, deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, axial thrust bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings and needle bearings. This relates also to the external dimensions, which may not necessarily correspond to the ISO-DIN dimensional diagrams or also have special internal designs.

Use in vibration machines

IBC produces special forms of spherical roller bearings (shaker screen bearings) for use in vibration machines. Their dimensions and bearing data correspond to the spherical roller bearings of the 223.. series. They differ from the standard bearings by having a solid brass outer ring guided cage and by the bearing clearance that is matched to the operating conditions of screening machines, which is in the area of the upper half of C3 and the lower half of C4.

IBC shaker screen bearings are produced with cylindrical or tapered bores. They are designated by the suffix V080.

Use of special bearings in pumps, compressors, fans and separators

Pumps convey liquids of many types. From oil, water and fuel up to concrete, acids and faeces. In almost all branches of industry; e.g. the food industry, vacuum technology, construction, irrigation and drainage, the chemical industry, mining and hydraulics.

It is precisely this use in pumps and compressors that causes the combined loadings imposed on the rolling bearings used, operating at high speeds with unfavourable lubrication conditions and often with heavy contamination. Two-row angular contact ball bearings are used in almost all types of pumps.

IBC angular contact ball bearings are characterised by quiet running, low friction, high speeds and a long lifetime. Since purely radial loads in the bearing can also produce an axial force, it is necessary to compensate for this with an additional bearing. Usually this is done by using two opposed angular contact ball bearings. In addition to double-row angular contact ball bearings, single-row angular contact ball bearings and single-row cylindrical roller bearings and spherical roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings are also used in pumps.

In order to better protect the bearings used under these extreme conditions against wear and corrosion and to achieve higher speeds at low working temperatures, IBC offers the coating of the bearing outer and inner rings with the ATCoat coating. In addition, the use of ceramic balls instead of steel balls is possible.

In addition to the ATCoat coating of the rolling bearing rings and the use of ceramic balls, special plastics such as PEEK, PAI and PPS find application in the vacuum pump sector and at extremely high or low temperatures. These technical plastics can be used for high speeds or temperatures of down to -150 °C or up to 200 °C through the specific use of fillers such as glass or carbon fibres or PTFE.

The PEEK cage is a glass fibre reinforced plastic cage that can be used successfully even at high speeds up to an operating temperature of up to 200 °C.

Use of special bearings in the extraction and processing of raw materials

Technological progress is also rapidly advancing in the production and processing of raw materials. Also in mining and large-scale conveyor, as well as in the extraction of oil and natural gas rolling bearings for increased performance, reliability, an increase in operational safety and even longer availability under extreme operating and Environment are required. IBC Bearings meet these requirements and are designed for highest load capacities, insensitivity to shock and vibration, as well as easy to install and remove.

Dump trucks handle worldwide the transport of ores, coal and oil shale in open-cast mining.

Cylindrical roller bearings and single-row tapered roller bearings are used in the gearboxes.

Conveyor systems are used to move large masses in open-cast mining. As a rule, spherical roller bearings are used in the driven belt pulleys. They are manufactured to handle extreme loads and to compensate for misalignment and bending of the shafts.

In addition to use in machinery, units and systems in open-cast mining, similar extreme conditions are encountered in underground mining, tunnelling, onshore and offshore systems and in mills, so that here too the rolling bearings used must meet stringent requirements. IBC has improved the functionality, operating reliability, performance, reliability and working life of these rolling bearings through targeted development.

Special bearings for excavators and other forms of construction machinery continue to be offered in this sector.




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