The selection of suitable lubricants is of importance for the operational reliability of precision rolling bearings. They serve to reduce friction and minimise wear. The majority of rolling bearings that fail to meet their design life fail due to deficiencies in lubrication.

The influencing factors that need to be considered are:


  •  the rotating speed,
  •  the operational temperature range,
  •  ageing,
  •  the loading ratio C/P,
  •  the minimum required viscosity v1, relative to the mean bearing diameter,
  •  the lubrication state κ,
  •  EP additives,
  •  the resistance to water,
  •  protection against corrosion,
  •  The noise produced when running.

IBC keeps in stock a wide range of high-quality greases for this purpose. High-precision rolling bearings with the corresponding suffixes that have been pre-greased at the factory can be ordered from IBC. With these high-precision rolling bearings the customer only needs to carry out a grease running in procedure. If these greases are required in servicing or in preassembly they can be obtained from IBC in tubes, cans or even larger containers on the basis of the following scheme:

GH76-400 400 g tube of grease GH76 GH62-1000 1   kg can of grease GH62

Grease lubrication for rolling bearings

This is the easiest and also the most cost-effective option and hence it is used in the overwhelming majority of all rolling bearing systems. While standard grooved ball bearings primarily use lithium soap greases with a mineral base oil with a relatively high viscosity, special greases are used

in high-speed applications. Their synthetic oils and special thickeners, and also their lower viscosity, permit significantly higher rotating speeds. In particular, greases with the designation GS, and for higher temperatures the designation GH, are suitable for high-precision rolling bearing applications.




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