Preparations at the assembly work area


IBC high-precision rolling bearings for high-precision tool spindles are manufactured with great care under the cleanest possible conditions, subjected to intensive checks and inspections, and provided with high-quality packaging to prevent damage and contamination during transport. Attention should be paid to having a clean and dust-free workplace for installation so as to achieve the best possible running behaviour. The penetration of fine airborne dust or very fine chips would affect both the accuracy and service life of the high-precision rolling bearings.

Grinding dust is especially aggressive and must be kept out under all circumstances. For that reason it is also recommended that if the assembly or installation operation is interrupted or if the assembly work is very time consuming the bearing area should be completely or partially covered with protective foil. Avoid at all costs any contact with cloths that produce lint.

In addition, keep the high-precision rolling bearings in their original packaging and protect them against moisture and aggressive media. In general, precision rolling bearings should be stored flat and not upright and supported over their full dimensions.

If high-precision rolling bearings are installed using unsuitable or unclean tools and installation or assembly aids, this will then considerably influence the function of the high-precision rolling bearings to a considerable extent and reduce their performance and service life.

We wish to point out explicitly that IBC shall accept no liability whatsoever for damage resulting from failure to comply with or follow the installation instructions. This also applies to an incorrect interpretation or passing on of these instructions, as well as to incorrect assembly, installation or maintenance.

Due to the large number of installation and assembly options, it is not possible to cover all the variations. In any case they depend greatly on the configuration of the adjacent component design. The following instructions therefore are based on the fact that in most applications the high- precision rolling bearing is initially mounted on the shaft, followed by the installation of the rolling bearing outer ring.








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